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There is a fundamental truth that gives us hope that together we can do extraordinary things. Together, we can be a part of something bigger by changing perceptions and transforming the disability culture in our community.

Disability can occur at any age and at any moment—in fact, 80% of us will have a disability at some point in our lifetime. Your support will help us to continue promoting personal empowerment and positive social change for individuals with disabilities—including children, veterans, aging parents and those who recently acquired a disability due to an accident.

Paul, a community member who uses a wheelchair, shared, "Thanks to Disability Network, I'm able to go to several beaches. Prior to their help, I wasn't able to enjoy our lakeshore. I had to watch everyone from the parking lot. Now I can get to the water's edge! Thank you for creating more opportunities for me to enjoy the outdoors with my friends and family!"

With you at our side, we are able to serve more, empower more and do more for people with disabilities, their families and the northern lower Michigan community. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to promoting personal empowerment and positive social change for persons with disabilities. We simply could not do this without you!